Mapping Yiddish New York is a unique assemblage of documentation about all aspects of Yiddish culture in New York: from theater, film, literature and press, through music, record labels, humor, and restaurants to organizations and institutions. In addition to mapping particular sites, persons, and events, the website also features 'digital stories,' multimedia essays exploring the Yiddish history of New York City. The project is a working collaboration between CCNMTL, Yiddish Studies Program, Columbia University Libraries, faculty partners, and a range of students at Columbia -- all in support of close study of Yiddish language and cultural history. Mapping Yiddish New York is closely associated with the Taste of Yiddish course taught by Prof. Agi Legutko in the Fall of 2014, and with Yiddish language classes offered at Columbia. Librarians at Columbia are coordinating with cultural institutions to assemble a base of digitized material to support multimedia study of this vibrant history and its later influence. Undergraduate and graduate students are actively participating in building the collection, through the contribution of items such as histories, biographies, and document analysis, under the supervision of faculty members. Connecting humanities study at Columbia to the active development of a unique digital library, Mapping Yiddish New York is a project developed through CCNMTL's Digital Bridges initiative.

Faculty supervisor: Agi Legutko

CCNMTL Project manager: Kenny Hirschmann

CCNMTL Developers: Nik Nyby, Jed Davis

CCNMTL Designer: Marc Raymond

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